The Naughty Little Girls Cycle is the Gothic Queens’ precursor.

«Whoever said that the spirit of ’68 is dead has never met Titti Garelli. With continuous audacity she perseveres in applying a unique artistic jest in her works. Against all do-goodism of the current children literature and illustration she transforms Alice in a killer ready to slaughter the rabbit, nothing is safe from Minnie Mouse or Little Red Riding Hood, too. You don’t become a woman, you are born and born “naughty”.

The Bad Girls series have been a work in progress since the Nursery Crime exhibition (New York, 2000): Alcott’s little women are nowhere to be seen, dead and buried probably. Titti Garelli’s girls have no need to grow up, ready as they appear to confront the world’s cruelty and the dominant machismo.»

— adapted from Roberto Roba, Ferruccio Giromini, Artiste Teppiste

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The (Neo) Gothic Queens – Titti Garelli · May 19, 2018 at 7:10 pm

[…] Queens were born in 2010 as a germination of the Bad Girls cycle. I had already touched on the temporal contaminations with three small canvases, Elizabeth, Fair […]

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