Nature and desire

«The most distant but clearest memory of my childhood is when I was 18-month-old while I was picking up some apples fallen off the trees. In this memory there is a duality that has always characterized myself: those apples attracted me because they were green and shiny, but they hid a brown rotten side below. Maybe in that moment the liking for the other side of reality has grown inside me.»

About Titti

Titti Garelli was born in Turin, where she lives and works. For over twenty years her pictures have been requested by the publishing world and by major international advertising agencies...
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Browse through Titti's works, from advertisement illustrations to large painted works and discover her attention to detail and unparalleled love for the subtle uncanny details...
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Portraits & Commissions

Get in touch if you are interested in a personalized work of art, either in the form of a commission or a portrait. Explore the gallery of samples or enquire for available art...
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All the (Neo) Gothic Queens

The Neo Gothic Queens is on ongoing cycle, you can read more about it here, this page aims at collecting examples of Titti’s queens from all the themes she’s touched in the series.Origins & OmensPunu Read more…

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